Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

COSNAV is specialized in the design and construction of Hydraulic Power Units to be used in a variety of sectors (shipbuilding, industrial, earthmoving, etc.) and in the most diverse applications (rudder servomechanisms, hatch movement, self-propelled systems, etc.) or for central systems that perform more than one action at once (a classic example would be a load sensing system involving the simultaneous action of ship deck equipment, such as hatches, cranes, capstans, steering gear, and flaps).
A defining feature of our Company is its skill in best adapting to the specific needs of our clientele, by working with them to develop each individual project and personalized production.
One of COSNAV’s strong points is that of having developed an advanced system over the years for creating “integrated circuits”, allowing the company to produce, thanks to its know-how and to cutting-edge 3D modelling systems, circulation systems within hydraulic blocks, and for the most part, eliminating external tubing and their related junctions. Besides resulting in a “cleaner” product, this also reduces the risk of leaks and oozing in the system to a minimum, decreasing and simplifying maintenance.
What’s more, our products offer the possibility of being supplied tested and certified by every shipbuilding classification society (R.I.Na, LLRR, DNV, ABS, BV, etc.).